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Sara Smile

If you follow me on Twitter, then you must know that I’m a fan of Hall & Oates. I absolutely LOVE Daryl Hall. I swear, his voice speaks to my soul.

While watching an episode of The Voice, I was pleasantly surprised when someone sang ‘Sara Smile’, one of my favorites from Hall & Oates. It wasn’t bad (the guy actually passed the show’s Blind Auditions), but I somehow feel like it’s my responsibility to share the beauty of the song’s original version and the story behind it, as well.

The song was actually written for Sara Allen, Daryl Hall’s then partner. They were together for 30 years. They never married, though. They broke up in 2001 (according to Wikipedia), but every time Daryl sings the song live, you can still FEEL his love for Sara. Sigh.

Here he is singing it live back in 2008 for an episode of Live From Daryl’s House, his online show (now also a TV show, I think).

(^proof that men get better with age^ God, he’s super hot at 60-something!)

Going back to the song, here’s what Daryl had to say (in an interview with http://americansongwriter.com) when asked to share some memories about the song (prepare to swoon!):

“Sara Allen was my life partner, a co-writer and, to some degree, a muse too-for many, many years. We’re not together anymore, but she certainly was a very significant part of my life…and that song said what I wanted to say about her. That song came quick because it was such an easy and direct thing I was saying lyrically. I know the song means a lot to her now, although she’s told me that she can’t hear it anymore. It plagues her; it drives her out of the supermarket. When that song comes on, the reality hits that we’re not together anymore, so it’s a very poignant and hard thing for her to deal with.

    I can still sing that song today and feel real about it-and always will-because emotions don’t change even though circumstances change.

The song is about timelessness. As usual, we were stretching the boundaries of what we were doing, trying to find ourselves, and a song like “Sara Smile” is one of the more pure soul songs I’ve ever written.”

Sigh. I wish I could be someone’s Sara. </3


2 Responses to “Sara Smile”

  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog while searching for info on the song (cause I really really like it, I’m affected by it in some level) And like you, I am a huge fan of Hall & Oates (especially by Daryl Hall’s amazing talent) as well. I super agree with you on all points, and I really love that interview with American Songwriter. And I, too, wish I could be someone’s Sara.

  2. I love ’em too. But I think I like One on One better than this one. BTW I love you and Cerah on WAW.

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