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I’m just the idiot who fell in love

It’s worse than my worst nightmare.

It’s as if I’m watching myself in this really, REALLY sad movie with the most god-awful, heartbreaking plot–except it’s NOT a movie. THIS is actually happening to me. THIS IS MY LIFE.

How is it possible that nearly three years since the day you broke my heart–so much so that I thought it couldn’t possibly be broken any more–you manage to do it all over again?

It hurts so, so bad. The pain is consuming me. There aren’t enough words to describe how it feels.

Somehow, there are days when I fool myself into thinking I’ll be okay… I’ll get over you… I’ll soon forget the agonizing pain you caused me.

But who am I kidding?

THIS is the mother of all heartbreaks and I don’t think I’ll EVER get past it.

One day, I’m going to be known as the old lady who lost her great love at a young age and never moved on.

Oh, and congratulations. Quite a catch you got there. I’M SO SORRY I WAS NEVER GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU.


3 Responses to “I’m just the idiot who fell in love”

  1. i think i know someone who’s like this…

  2. While I’m trying to abstain from throwing any snarky comments, please allow me to be brutally honest…

    If you can’t get past your demons, feel free to writhe and die.

    Please don’t get the wrong idea, because last I checked I’m anything but a baddie (and I’m yer biggest radio fan ^_^’). I’m only basing these from the post you just made. Also, I’d like to believe that there’s no point in hitting a nail, unless you bang it real hard. I’m sure it’ll make a lot of noise, but it gets the job done.

    I’m not gonna tell ya what t’do. I’m pretty sure you know how to deal with it–whether you cry til you bleed, or eat twice your weight, or drink til your hangover gets a hangover, I don’t really give a flying sideways screwdriver. All I know is that when things like these happen, you get up and move forward.

    Hope that wasn’t too cold or painful. I’m only trying to prove a point (and again, this is only based on your post)

  3. Keep going for yourself and don’t let him win. He’s a jerk and don’t deserve anyone as good as you. It hurts and I know the pain well….sleepless nights, nightmares, feeling lost, pathetic, worthless. Ur not anyone of those things, but ur special to somebody. Take a few moments and regroup, devise a new you and come out stronger. U can do it!

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