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It’s been a while… And I wonder if you ever miss it… If you ever miss us. I wonder if you ever miss the ups and downs, fighting and making up, the drama, the thrill, the passion, the love, the life we had when we were together. I know that it didn’t work out between us, and I know that the odds of you and me ever getting another shot are next to zero. I also know that you’re in a good place now, and you have been for quite some time. I guess I’m glad that someone’s taking care of you and making you happy. I know that if she loves you even half as much as I do, then you’ll be okay. I sincerely wish the best for you no matter how much you’ve hurt me. And believe me, you have. You broke my heart. And I know for sure that nobody will ever break it again as much as you did because I’ll never feel for anyone the way I felt for you. I know I’ll find someone else to love, who will love me maybe even better than you did. But I just want you to know that it doesn’t matter who it is, or when it will be–I will always love you a little more.

I will love you forever.


5 Responses to “12”

  1. I have half the mind to say that the guy is a loser, but I know that saying that would hurt you a lot. So instead, for the guy you are referring to, this is what I will say: Dude, you erred big time. You had this wonderful woman, who only knew how to love you, and all did was her hurt… You were lucky to have her… What other men wouldn’t give to be in your shoes… You were lucky to have her…

  2. tsk. tsk. he’s not meant for you…

  3. Ur so full of life! Happy to know that u exist. Hehe. 😉 don’t worry, I hope u pray for ur needs even with men bec. God listens.sumtimes takes time before He gives it, but wen given, it’s all worth the wait. Well, keep on shining! 🙂 hope u continue making people happy.btw, u look nice in ur profile pic sa tweeter. Hehe.AWESOME! 🙂 good night & God bless!

  4. Nga pala, since u said u like rapping, sample nmn jan sa rx! Hehe. Nyt nyt.

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