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I Spit On Your Grave


Last Saturday, I was talking to my radio partner Cerah about a movie I downloaded recently called ‘The Devil’s Rejects’. While I haven’t completely watched it, I kind of already scanned it via my laptop’s VLC player, so I knew that it involved some nudity and a lot of blood–the perfect 1-2 punch for a movie to gain a cult following of sorts.

Enter my movie-buff boss Paeng, who upon getting reminded that I have a thing for movies with plenty of blood and nudity (more towards the latter, though!;P) suggested (albeit hesitantly) that I watch the remake of ‘I Spit On Your Grave’, a rape and revenge horror film according to Wikipedia.

I’ve never even heard of the original, but according to Paeng, it’s a cult movie from the 70’s that became quite controversial because of its extreme violence and its exploitative scenes.


The movie basically revolves around the main character, Jennifer Hills. She rents a cabin in the woods by herself to work on her book. On her way to the cabin, she gets lost and stops at a gas station for gas and directions. There, she encounters Johnny, Andy and Stanley for the first time. Johnny, the leader of the group, tries to make small talk, lays it on too thick, and ends up getting laughed at by Jennifer for delivering a pretty lame line–something like, “You know you’re running pretty hot, want me to check under your hood for you?” In an attempt to leave the gas station hurriedly, Jennifer somehow ends up spilling gas on Johnny. She pisses him off for embarrassing him in front of his minions.

Jennifer eventually finds the cabin, gets settled, and starts writing. A plumbing problem arises, and she calls for help. As soon as she hangs up, she accidentally drops her cell phone in the toilet, turning it into a useless gadget from that point forward. Help comes in the form of Matthew, a mentally-challenged guy who happens to be a part of Johnny’s crew. After Matthew finished fixing the problem, Jennifer gives him a peck on the cheek out of sheer relief. He ends up telling Johnny and the guys about it and somehow, the conversation takes a wicked turn, and they end up plotting an attack on the helpless city girl.

On a night when Jennifer decides to have a little drink and smoke a joint while writing–just a couple of days since she first arrived at the cabin—Johnny, Stanley, Andy, and a seemingly unwilling Matthew, breaks in to put their evil plan into action.

They scare her, humiliate her (they made her simulate fellatio on a gun and a bottle, for crying out loud!), and showed her absolutely no mercy whatsoever. Jennifer manages to escape, and makes a run for it in the woods where she fortunately (or not!) runs into the town’s sheriff and his friend.

Jennifer’s relief doesn’t last long, though, as Sheriff Storch turns out to be cohorts of the guys who assaulted her. Her ordeal begins anew and takes on new heights, as the men have their way with her one after another. Not only do they rape her, they continue to humiliate and torture her, as well—with everything being recorded on Stanley’s video camera.

Before the guys could kill her, Jennifer manages to jump off a bridge, into the water, and disappears. The men assume that she’s already dead, and they decide to burn all the possible evidence that could be used against them (the tape that contains the video, her clothes and other possessions in the cabin, her car) while waiting to find her dead body.

Jennifer’s corpse never turns up, because guess what? SHE’S ALIVE!

One at a time, she takes out the guys in the most brutal, gruesome, bloodiest way imaginable. She starts off with Matthew, moves on to Andy and Stanley, and then Johnny. She saves the grand finale for the sheriff. I won’t go into detail anymore as to what she did to each one, but let’s just say I’ve never seen anyone pull off revenge the way Jennifer did!


Now that the plot is out of the way, here are some of my random observations and thoughts while watching the movie (and also AFTER the movie):

1. Stanley looks familiar… GASP! It’s because he’s DAMIEN from Mean Girls! I couldn’t really take him seriously as one of the rapists anymore as soon as I realized that! Hahaha!

2. Jennifer reminds me of Trista Stutter, a former The Bachelorette contestant. She also reminds me a little of Megan Fox and Nina Dobrev (must be the hair!).

3. Johnny is TOTALLY hot! In fact, his line that Jennifer found lame would have probably worked on me! I mean, seriously, he’s like a tougher, rougher, less pretty version of Josh Duhamel!

4. I only cringed once throughout the whole movie—when Jennifer pulled out Johnny’s teeth one by one. The rest didn’t bother me as much, I guess. Hahaha. I think there’s something wrong with me.=P

5. As ridiculous and impossible as the revenge scenarios were, they were just pretty entertaining to watch—in a sick, sick way.

6. My tolerance for blood and gore (and perversion, too) in movies is pretty high.

7. This movie isn’t for the faint-hearted, so I’m not sure I would recommend it… But then again, you can always hit the STOP button when you can’t take it anymore, so if you’re 18 and up, I say GO check it out.=P


9 Responses to “I Spit On Your Grave”

  1. hey can I have a copy of ‘The Devil’s Rejects’? hahaha!

  2. Hahaha! Sure!;)

  3. thanks in advance! 🙂

  4. i love this movie. kakagigil

  5. I’ve watched the original version of this. They said the movie was banned, so that triggered my curiosity. It was such a cruel revenge.

  6. you’ll like this talaga ramdam ko. pinanuod namen to sa school, trip lang, asteeg HAHAHA.

  7. Nice blog! 😀

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