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Have you seen that pre-jail-slash-rehab-LiLo movie ‘Just My Luck’? I thought it was pretty entertaining in a mindless sort of way but I realize now that there’s some truth to it, you know. Some people are just born luckier than others.

I’d hate to call myself unlucky, but the truth is I’ve learned to rely more on skills than luck based on past experiences. Don’t get me wrong—I am grateful that I was blessed with certain abilities that help me get by, but it would be nice to have lady luck smile at me more often.

Take for instance what happened to me after work last night. There I was, ready to head home after grabbing a quick bite at the canteen downstairs, when all of a sudden, the entire sole of my left boot decided to peel itself off of the shoe. I don’t know how it happened since I didn’t really trip or anything beforehand, and it didn’t really show any signs of wear and tear, it just… happened. This is the kind of thing that just happens to me for some unexplainable reason.

I remember back in college, when I bought these adorable platforms. They weren’t exactly cheap, so I was pretty confident that they wouldn’t break easily. But alas, one day, a few steps away from the Chess Plaza on my way to the SPS Building, I tripped and found one foot platform-less. The strap just gave and I ended up buying all sorts of adhesive at the SPS bookstore trying to reattach the strap temporarily but failing miserably. I ended up cutting a class because I had to call home and wait for someone to bring me a different pair of shoes that went with my outfit.

There was this other time I was walking towards a friend’s house wearing my platform Havaianas when I lost my footing and lost a flip-flop in the process. I ended up having to buy a pair of fake Havaianas because they were the only ones being sold in the area. Don’t judge me, it was an emergency, and between fake and barefoot, I think you’d go for the former, too.

And it’s not just platforms, I tell ya. I have just as many broken flats and heels!  The sad thing is, my footwear casualties are usually the pricey ones and the rarely-used pairs. Maybe being flat-footed has something to do with it. Or maybe I just don’t take good care of my shoes. Or maybe I’m just not very lucky in footwear, among other things.

You see, I’m the girl who steps on chewed gum every now and then. (Heck, I accidentally sat on one back in 4th grade.) I’m the girl who hails the wrong cab, takes the wrong route, and ends up being late for work by a minute. I’m the girl whose name never gets picked at raffle draws. I’m the girl who never wins a major prize during Christmas parties.

BUT, I’m also the girl who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. I’m the girl who cuts in line and beguiles some random stranger to buy a ticket for her at the MRT station or let her withdraw first at the ATM. I’m the girl who convinces the guards to let her in and the tellers to transact with her at the bank even if it’s past 3PM. I’m the girl who uses lambing or intimidation—depending on what the situation calls for—to have things her way.

What can I say? I’ve learned to compensate for my lack of luck in more ways than one, so I guess it all balances out in the end.

Still, I wonder… Is there a way to change one’s luck?

I sometimes think that maybe it has something to do with the fact that I don’t pray that often, or that I don’t sow enough good seeds. Does my spirituality (or lack thereof) affect my fortune? Maybe if I asked for more guidance from above, my luck would turn around. Or maybe if I became a better person, good karma would follow.

While this may sound like an indirect complaint to the universe, it’s actually the opposite. I am grateful that I did not get used to depending on fate to be kind to me. At least every time I catch a lucky break, I never take it for granted. I notice and I make the most of it.

I believe that while a little luck helps, everything still boils down to our actions and decisions. After all, luck runs out. And when it does, we’re left to count on talent, charm, determination, hardwork, resourcefulness, and street-smart… and ironically, if you’re lucky, you’d have at least one of those.=P


8 Responses to “HOW LUCKY ARE YOU?”

  1. i’m very entertained reading your blog…funny stories..hehe…you’re really cool…

  2. Funny indeed, yet very interesting.

  3. I think I’m a lucky guy. Or maybe I just see the glass half full. My most recent blog post was about one of two occasions when I got away from a Traffic violation. Some people will think about getting caught – I think of getting caught but not being penalized for it.

  4. I’m lucky! find your stories very intersting.. 🙂

  5. this just in

    I love this entry! ^_^’

  6. are you also the girl who loves to swallow a shitload of cum?:)

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