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It’s been a while since my last entry, and I’ve always wanted to make this blog more casual, more personal, and most importantly, more regularly updated. So, from now on, you can expect me to just be a lot more spontaneous with my entries. I’ll be writing a lot about random stuff, and if you’re interested or maybe bored enough to read on, go ahead… But don’t say I didn’t warn you.=P

So, here’s attempt # 1 at just typing in whatever comes to mind.


It’s been a pretty good week so far. First, I was lucky enough to sit in for Francesca for the RX Concert Series last Monday just when one of my favorite local bands was slated to perform.

The Itchyworms did not disappoint because I really enjoyed watching them live. Not only that, they were also fun to interview. Unlike some bands who act all cool and stand-offish because they think they’re such rockstars, the guys from The Itchyworms were quite refreshing to talk to with their self-deprecating humor.

Now, I have a confession to make. I probably don’t come across as a huge OPM fan, nor do I seem like a staunch supporter of any local artist. But, I do appreciate good music, and when I hear something I like, I listen to it and play it as much as I can.

I realize that most OPM songs I enjoy now are those that sound close to foreign (think Jay-R, Young JV, Kyla or Amber), but the thing I like about The Itchyworms is that they sound truly Pinoy, and I appreciate their songs just as much. I discovered ‘Beer’ from countless cab rides and I remember savoring the melody of the song from start to finish. I totally get why it’s so popular. It’s borderline cheesy, but who am I kidding? We, Pinoys are so cheesy, we probably invented cheddar!=P ‘Beer’ was my guilty pleasure, along with that ‘Migraine’ song from Moonstar 88 for a while. Too bad we never had either of those songs on our playlist! Oh, well…

Anyway, the band didn’t play my Top 3 favorite songs of theirs (Beer, Love Team, and Akin Ka Na Lang), but they performed 6 other tracks, and to my surprise, I knew them all and found myself singing along to some. Geez, I may be a bigger fan than I think. Hahaha.=)

Speaking of OPM, how about that mandate to play more OPM songs on air? Honestly, I thought it was a drag at first since I wasn’t that familiar with the current local music scene, but guess what? I’ve had a change of heart! I’m happy they came up with that mandate because we I should be playing more OPM on the radio! Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of Tanya Markova, Eevee, Franco, Sandwich, Bamboo, etc., and I’m rediscovering my appreciation for homegrown talent. After all, I was a fan of Eraserheads, Rivermaya, even APO Hiking Society back in the day. Don’t expect to hear any Kelsey Adams on my show, though, unless she pays us another surprise visit. Let’s just say, um, she’s too advanced for my taste. Hehehe!=)


While we’re on the subject, have you seen the movie Rockstar? The cast includes Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston. I chanced upon it on HBO a couple of days ago, and I liked it! I thought Mark Wahlberg looked funny with long hair at first, but the look grew on me, eventually.

It’s just a little weird because every time I see Mark Wahlberg, I think of this guy I used to date (ehem, Willie… Congrats on the baby!=P), who told me they kind of looked alike. I do see the similarities, even though Mark is white and he’s half-black. Hahaha.=)

You know who else resembles Mark Wahlberg? Xabi Alonso! Mark is like a rougher and tougher version of Xabi. I’ll take either, but I’d prefer both! Hehe! I can’t believe they’re both married, though. Sigh. Maybe in another lifetime I could be Elena, and they could be my Stefan and Damon. (Sorry, I’ve been watching The Vampire Diaries way too much!)

Back to the movie, it gives you a nice and seemingly accurate portrayal of what goes on in that world. I wouldn’t really know since that has never been my scene. My knowledge of rock and roll is mostly based on what I picked up from watching that Rockstar TV show religiously some years ago, and my radio partner Anna aka Danielle’s input. (Ooooh this reminds me, I’d like to download all the episodes of Rockstar’s 2 seasons, INXS & Supernova! I’d love to watch JD, Suzie, Marty, Jordis, Dilana, Toby, etc. all over again!)

Hey, I just thought of something that would make for an interesting Hot Topic on the show: ‘WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A ROCKSTAR?’

I mean, dating a rockstar is most certainly not for everyone. To say that it’s challenging would be putting it mildly, right? I wonder how many people will think they can handle it, and how many will say “I’ll pass.”

I think—I’ll pass—OUT if I don’t shut my laptop down now since I’m too sleepy already. This random blogging thing is pretty difficult to stop once you get started. I’ll do this again soon.=)


3 Responses to “Susan SaRANDOM”

  1. nice to know. looking forward to more stuff from you. 🙂

  2. i follow you on twitter, so through your tweet that you updated your blog, i got to read it for the first time. Very nice entry. Consider me as one of your avid readers from now on. Oh, and Rockstar is one of my favorite movies of all time. Keep it up! =)

  3. dating a rockstar?….maybe i’ll date a rocker, not the star. leave the star on stage, and just leave the rocker in you on that dinner out of town.. we’ll both sing a tune.

    music plays a part in you that you can’t seem to shrug off your back…it’s always there…atleast for me. after so many years from leaving the band, i reminisce on old pics when we were on stage and the studio jams we had from way back..most of them are our of the country already and have their own families, a couple still plays the piano and the guitar, another still sings…then there’s me. lols.

    i picked it up again and these songs are the causes of my sleepless night trying to list a few songs to decipher..and maybe play again on a much smaller stage..one day. the tunes for my musical hunger at least, makes me imagine things on how i should play it on stage…or by the terrace in front of the shoreline..

    Rockstar the movie, could’ve been the life at one point, if my mom didn’t nag me for architecture instead haha…but music won…all the time….of course while thinking of the new design my client has been urging me to start…music will always play right beside me..ciao Hazel!

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